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Fabster : Innovation in food flavors

Fabster‘s R&D lab is a flavor playground, where creativity knows no bounds. Every week, we unleash dozens of new food flavor innovations, many crafted specifically for clients’ exciting product launches. But our ambitions don’t stop there – we’re constantly expanding our vast aroma library, already overflowing with thousands of unique concoctions.

Fabster's R&D Team

is made up of 4 highly skilled flavor engineers.

Our R&D team consists of 4 flavor engineers who work exclusively with raw materials: natural plant extracts, essential oils, fruits and plants from around the world, synthetic molecules, natural molecules, and organic raw materials.

Senses Lead the Way,Technology Follows

Another distinctive feature is that our flavor engineers start their research with their noses and taste buds. Priority is given to the senses, memory, and the subtle interaction between the new flavor and our experts’ evaluations.

To further refine their work, the team relies on state-of-the-art equipment, including a high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) instrument and a mass spectrometer. These tools help in reconstructing the skeleton of the aroma (nature and proportions of flavor molecules) and enable the formulation. 

For more challenging projects, the R&D team seeks the input of the sharpest “noses” in the factory, some of whom have 10 to 20 years of experience. This collaborative working method has proven its worth: at Fabster, there’s no such thing as an impossible food aroma to develop.

Fabster's Extensive Flavor LibraryVanilla : Our Signature Flavor

Fabster‘s Aroma Library boasts a diverse selection of vanilla flavors, from pure extracts and natural options to vanilla beans, butter vanilla, chocolate vanilla, and many more !

For superior quality, Fabster cultivates its own Madagascar Bourbon vanilla in the Sava region, employing traditional and sustainable methods. Processing and packaging occur on-site, giving FABSTER complete control over its vanilla production chain.

Our Techniques RevealedExploring New Frontiers in Aromatics: The Value of Innovation

To meet the ever-evolving tastes of consumers around the world, FABSTER offers a wide range of aromatic notes, from the sweet and familiar, to the spicy and unexpected. This symphony of flavors empowers each customer to find the perfect note to differentiate their product and capture the hearts and palates of their consumers.

The art of food flavor design lies in striking the perfect balance between the familiar and the new. Like a masterful composer, FABSTER blends well-loved notes with unexpected twists, crafting a culinary masterpiece that is both comforting and captivating.

Navigating the complex world of regulations and technical specifications, Fabster‘s delivers water-soluble or fat-soluble flavors that seamlessly integrate into your product recipe. Moreover, our flavors maintain excellent heat stability, ensuring that their vibrant notes sing through every delicious bite.

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