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We create the food flavor
that will make your product stand out.

Fabster creates a high-quality food flavor tailored to your product and manufactures the quantity you need in a short time.

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A recognized player in the market
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Flavoring solutions for numerous agro-industrials
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Founded in 2000 by Jean-Philippe Mouthoy
Made in France at our Angerville plant
Innovative R&D facility
Unprecedented food flavors

Our Range

Fabster : Your gateway to a world of possibilities

Leveraging our 25 years of flavoring expertise, we develop and produce exceptional flavors that empower agro-industry specialists worldwide.

In collaboration with them, we monitor global trends and the ever-evolving preferences of consumers across diverse markets. Our R&D laboratory boasts an extensive collection of 1,800 raw materials sourced from the world’s corners, complemented by an unparalleled aroma library of over 15,000 references
25 years of flavor mastery
1800 raw materials
A vast aroma library of over 15,000 references

Fabster: A Flavorful Journey in 2 MinutesTimeline for developing and producing your custom food flavor?

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Tailored advice

For each of your products, Fabster advises, guides, and suggests new ideas. We don’t have a catalog; our creativity knows no bounds.

We don't purchase flavor bases from external suppliers; we create them from our raw materials.

WHAT WE OFFERAt Fabster, every food flavor is unique

In a food industry dominated by standardized tastes and flavors, Fabster allows its customers to continue standing out.


We don’t buy flavor bases from external suppliers; we create them from our raw materials. Similarly, we don’t use pre-made infusions or extracts; we develop them on our own industrial equipment. Each Fabster food flavor thus acquires its richness, complexity, and uniqueness. Moreover, we never offer the same aroma to two clients positioned in the same market and geographic area.

OUR EXPERTISEFood experience and Quality

Fabster, consists of a team of experienced professionals, including a chemistry doctor, flavor engineers, quality managers, senior technicians, and production operators.

Our 3,000 m2 factory is fully equipped to produce the quantity of food aroma you require, from 5 kilos to several tons. All raw materials and finished products undergo organoleptic tastings and physico-chemical analyses. Fabster is ISO 22000 certified, a food safety management standard. It is also capable of producing organic, halal, and kosher aromas (Ecocert® certification).
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